This link goes to my favorite design project to date. It was a semester long adventure into the process of magazine design. My mission was to create a magazine for young women who need amusing info on painless cooking. The coverage is witty with an open conversation about everyday life. I created all of the content, images and designs. //

Below is a client interest card I designed for Chalk Shop Events.


These next two images are early prototypes of A la Mode!

Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.11.38Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.11.16

The images below are design assignments from past classes. Although the designs are mine or inspired, all content was provided and mild liberty was given with image section.

Screenshot 2015-03-06 15.59.33Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.02.19Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.09.32Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.09.40Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.09.51Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.01.29Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.07.18Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.03.56Screenshot 2015-03-06 15.53.55

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