Diagnostic report of buyer personas, web presence, market audience, and social media strategies for The University of Alabama’s Bama at Work department. Read Full Report

Logo Creation Competition

In my Advanced Digital and Social Media Marketing Projects and Studies course we were challenged to create a logo using illustrator with the only source of guidance. The guidance being the company name. The company name I was assigned was IV Coffee.


I created a mock logo for the Bama at Work organization at The University of Alabama to illustrate a recommended branding improvement for enhancing brand awareness.

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Self-Published Student Project:

This is my favorite design project to date. It was a semester long adventure into the process of magazine design. My mission was to create a magazine for young women who need amusing info on painless cooking. The coverage is witty with an open conversation about everyday life. I created all of the content, images and designs.

Read the full A La Mode issue!

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