[why worry now]

Why Worry Now

Recently, my head has been filled with wonders of what to anticipate in the future. [near, far, distant… imaginary…] The other day while sitting in my [huge] accounting lecture hall, I felt as if I was in a tiny airtight box. Sitting there, I couldn’t believe that a year from now I will be working through my last undergraduate semester. That didn’t scare me nearly as badly as the worry of what to do next. Grad school? Internship? Real world job?? Who knows where I’ll be but for now I’m telling myself it’ll all be as it’s meant to be, so why worry now!?


2 thoughts on “[why worry now]

  1. Ladies Let's Be Honest says:

    Wow… I am so glad they are other young adults not only worrying about their future, but thinking of it! It will come faster thank you think!

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