Alabama [Game Day] Outfit:

With classes and football season started, summer is officially over! I’m now obsessing over the idea of having a black romper to wear with boots on game day. Maybe you know this or maybe you don’t, but in the south we dress up for football games. This is especially true in Alabama, where we don’t just like football, we live and breath it. Usually when I’m wearing a dress I have to make sure the garment is lined up right all day long. The romper, on the other hand, would be so comfortable for tailgating and game time with less rearranging to worry about!


With a shaker in hand and sunglasses on, the only other accessory I would worry about is a red-lipped smile! [Here’s a great link to find the best red for your skin tone.]


Romper // Boots



Would you wear a romper to a football game?

Let Me Know!

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