Sunshine [Spring Break] Florida Keys:

S P R I N G // B R E A K


For me there’s no better way to spend spring break then by the water soaking up some sun. While I was down in the keys I did just that!


The first day we went out on the boat for a quick run. The little bit of time on the water only added to my Florida weather craving!


The next day went to feed Tarpon! I’m going to be completely honest because I didn’t feed the fish I took pictures. It was amazing to see so many of the large fish at one location. When the sun climbed high enough the sky cleared and made for a beautiful day to kayak. One of the mangrove cuts entrance was so low you had to limbo to avoid it!


The last day we shopped our way to and around Key West! We also took a break from shopping to tour Hemingway’s house. If you know anything about Hemingway’s house it’s that it’s the home of the six-toed cats! #KittyLove  I was also really surprised to learn that all but one of his four wives were influence journalists! The first wife who wasn’t a writer married a journalist after she divorced Hemingway so it kind of still counts.


All in all it was a great trip!



What did you do over spring break?

Let Me Know!

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