Five Things Friday: The Five most useful [Organizing Tools] in my dorm


1. My little ottoman! It’s a black-cloth, 14” square lifesaver! Target has many colors, patterns and shapes but I went with simple. I use it multiple times a day, starting with when I wake up in the morning! My shoulders are pretty much level with my bed so its not possible for me to jump it. Not only is it my step stool but it also houses my extra sheets and blankets, it’s a seat when I need it, an exercise tool and a laptop table when I just feel like sitting on the floor!

2. My Keurig! I got it for Christmas and I love it! I’m an avid coffee drinker so it makes me happy to have yummy coffee when I want it! I have figured out that it is so much cheaper and easier to just get a bag of coffee and use the reusable K-cups. The K-cup coffees are expensive and bulky! Save space and money!

3.  Canvas Boxes are like my organizing best friend! I use them in my closet for shoes, under my bed for clothes, and under my desk for magazines!

4. My over the desk shelves! It’s a free standing shelving thing from bed bath & beyond! It was showed as over a bed but my bed is too tall so it’s over my desk. I have no idea what I would do with out it! I have my printer, school supplies, basket of towels, baskets of dishes and cups, books and movies on it!

5. My Vera Bradley keychain wallet! I hadn’t used one of these in years but when heading off to school I wanted to make sure I would always have my school card and keys easy to keep track of. It makes it easy to take off for dinner at the dining hall and only think about one thing to grab.


What’s you space saving tip?

Let Me Know!

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