Five Things Friday: Scared [Scared] Scared

I’ve been feeding a bad habit recently!

I’m scared to walk into interviews for class assignments and yearbook articles. I’m scared of posting on It Simply Suits Me. I’m scared to apply for Internships and organizations on campus.

Starting now I want to give myself five ways to fight this bad habit!

1.    I want to do as many face to face interviews as I can! Just like everything else in life it takes practice. I’m know I was scared to death to be pulled behind the boat on a tube before my parents made me do it, now I love it! The best way to get your self to practice something your afraid of is to throw yourself into it. My last interview I totally forgot to take notes, I got out of the professors office and noticed how tired my hands were from gripping onto my spiral notebook! I always record interviews as a resource for accuracy so I still had all of my information thankfully. But I took the tip from lecture of always keeping eye contact and I couldn’t help but freaking out. Next time I know to breath and remember to write!

2.    I want to apply for an opportunity within the communications school! I’ll let you know how it goes!

3.    I want to make a promise to myself to try my darndest to post at least once a week! This could mean lots of Five Things Fridays to come! I’m a sucker for lists. To do list. Shopping lists. What I like lists. Etc.

4.    I want to let loose and trust my instincts! Especially with topic ideas for both blog posts and assignments. Recently I have been second-guessing and wondering if my ideas are silly! It feels like I’m putting on a bold outfit and just before I leave my room I change into my usual, comfy leggings and over sized sweater!

5.    I want to live colorfully! Kate Spade Love! I just mean I want to challenge myself to live with happiness and not focus on the negative!


What do you do when you’re scared?? 

Let Me Know!

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