Show your heart! Happy Valentines Day!

Show your heart! Happy Valentines Day!
I love Valentines Day! Maybe/ Very likely because I was lucky enough to have parents that always included my sister and in the celebration! The holiday has rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes passed between family, friends and lovers!

This is a quick V-Day outfit and a few ideas for last min gifts! (The throw pillow is just darling!)

This holiday will be another first that I’m away from my family and my boyfriend, which has made me a little more homesick than usual this week. But I’m excited to road trip with my roommate to Nashville to see her family and boyfriend! We have a lot of excitement planed!

How are you spending your V-Day??

Topshop sweater

Lilly Pulitzer jeans
$77 –

Oasis statement necklace
$41 –

Cateye sunglasses
$8.24 –

Lips makeup

Glass home decor

Eight Bob scented candle
$91 –

Bone china

Throw pillow

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