Five things Fridays: Five from my 101 in 1001


Five things Friday: January 31, 2014

Five things off my 101 in 1001 I accomplished this week! With two snow days I had more time on my hands than I needed!

1. I started growing a plant from a seed. While at target my roommate and I bought small started kits to grow a plant. Mine is a strawberry plant, so we will see how it goes! #53


2. I finished another book! I finished the final book of Karen Whites Tradd Street series. My mom and I read a lot of the same books and an author we both enjoy is Karen White. Especially this series because of the mysteries from beyond the grave and deep relationships. The stories absolutely suck you in! #85


3. Watched an Audrey Hepburn movie! “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” I adore her relationship with the cat! When i watched the movie it made me miss mine kitty even more! #67


4. Made a craft off of Pinterest! I made a Burlap wreath with ribbon and a wood letter! I really want to share a picture of it but it’s a future gift so it’s a secret for now! #41


5. I learned how to control hair with a ponytail and a hat! Out of sight out of mind! I like to wear them running all over campus on busy days of class and when I’m by the water on the boat or on the beach! Wearing a ball cap on causal days has been a popular trend since 2012 but it’s such a great way to finish your look. Especially when you get a cute girly color topped off with a monogram! Etsy is a great place to get this done for a reasonable price. But if you want a Ralph Lauren ball cap with the Polo logo on the front and your monogram on the back you can custom order them! #74



Do you wear ball caps?

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