Five things to do this weekend: December 6, 2013

1. Make a list of the gifts you still need to get! I usually try to make a list of all the people I need to get gifts for and go from there. The list has to have three things on it such as what you have gotten, ideas of what to get, and a spending cap!

2. Reflect on some thing you accomplished in November! It can be that you finished a book or that you finished a marathon. Either way it’s worth celebrating!

3. Get organized before the holiday hustle! As a college student this is my first time having to pack three weeks worth of clothing options. I also have to think about how to get my dorm cleaned up and ready to be left alone for that amount of time!

4. Make a cute homemade Holiday decoration! I’m hoping to make a huge holiday bow to put on our door!

5. Crank up the Christmas music!!! Enough said.


When do you start listening to Christmas music?

Let Me Know!

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