Five things Fridays: 5 Flying Essentials

I am flying home today and while packing I figured I would share the five things I cant live with out on an airplane!

1. Gum: I lit’rally (Parks and Recreation reference) have the most sensitive ears when it comes to air pressure. I could be in the last row of the plane where I can’t hear the door close but I will know because I will feel the pressure in my head. So I do my best to keep it under control and my method is chewing gum!

2. Long sleeves: Maybe I’m the only one but I always get cold on planes. So if I’m not already wearing long sleeves I always have a sweater with me!

3. Fashion magazine: I most likely have at least one in my bag when I’m going some place where I will be sitting for more than 30 min! My top picks are Glamour, Vogue or Instyle!

4. Ipad: (With head phones) I need my solitaire and music! Plus many airlines now have their own wifi so you can have live Bravo!

5. Snack: Usually I make a little Tupperware of mixed nuts and raisins or grab a Kidz Clif bar to keep in my bag. I love to snack and I tend to want to have something to nibble on when I am bored so to keep myself happy I keep snacks! If you haven’t tried the Kidz Clif bars you really should, they are so tasty and are a great size.


What can’t you live with out on plane rides?

Let Me Know!

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