Fashion for Life:

I completed two of my 101 in 1001 on Sunday! One was the completion of my week without meat. It wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped it would be, mostly because I’m depending on the food in the dinning halls. If had been able to cook my own meals I would have made it more exciting!

But the second task I checked off was going to a fashion show! Number 45

It was so much fun! I volunteered through the fashion club on campus called Fashion Inc. to help with the social media. I was so nervous!!


 I’ve watched professional bloggers take on social media at fashion shows but I had never done it myself. It may not be perfect but you have to start somewhere. That has been my motto to life this fall!


The fashion show I went to was the senior show for the fashion design majors to show off their work and raise money for a charitable cause! “Fashion for Life”


I took a Freshman Learning Community credit this fall and my class topic was Fashion in the media. Our project for the semester was to interview a designer, who would be in the show, about her collection. We interviewed them three times along the way and then created a poster of their work. The idea of the poster is that the designer can keep the poster so at some point in the future, when they need it, they can remember where they were at this point in their life!


My designer was Lakendra Hatch she was the sweetest! Her style is classic with bold and modern twists. It was exciting to see her collection develop and come to life!




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