Taking some time for [yourself] and [others]:

This week my list of things to do is long and is continuing to having more added to it. I’m crossing things off it as I go but my desk had gotten to the point of disaster. Before working on the next item on my list I cleaned my desk and felt renewed!


I like working at my desk it just feels like a home for my thoughts. Opposed to my roommate who has never sat at her desk, but we all have our own systems!


When cleaning off my desk I couldn’t help but imagine my dream desk and well I eventually made my way to founding Kate Spades Desk accessories online. If there is something she does wrong I just don’t see it!


Here are some items I really like!



Her cards are just so cute and it reminded me about sharing my thoughts on thank you notes. I strongly believe that one thing everyone should know how to do is how to write a thank you note!


So many people don’t understand the importance of saying thank you. The impact of a thank you can make the difference in you getting a job or not and if others will feel the urge to help you in times when you need it. Writing thank you note is really just the right thing to do.


How to write a thank you:

Opening phrase

What your thankful for

General statement about the person that connects the two of you

Again say thank you

Sign the card appropriately


Situations to write a thank you:

Gifts of any kind or any occasion

Donations if that applies to you

Someone doing you a favor

Someone who went out of his or her way for you


To the a host of a nice party you attended

When someone allows you to stay in his or her home



Thank you notes not only pass on your gratitude to the person but they also present you well as a person.  With taking the time to hand write a few short sentences it shows that you care about your relationships. If you cant write a hand written letter in cases like Interviews sending an e-mail with similar content can be just as effective.


Plus who doesn’t like to send and receive mail! The more notes you send out the more likely others will think to send you thank you notes!




Do you usually write thank you notes?

Let Me Know!

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