Casual Realizations:

(Take two!! I wrote the post and then it didn’t save and then I had to start from scratch again… SO YAY! As I try not to cry…)

This weekend and into today I have been in a funky mood. Not quite happy but not depressed by any means, just feeling like a floating figure in someone else’s life.  On Friday my roommate Mo and I went out, after being pursued by a guy I had a realization that I wasn’t ready for. It didn’t seem to matter which guy came up to me, every time, I knew he wasn’t the goofball I left behind before leaving for school. Now that I am more then half way through my first semester of college I can honestly say the biggest lesson I have learned is that I will be wrong sometimes. And that’s a really big thing for someone like me, who hates being wrong, to say!

My roommate and I get along really well (I’ll tell y’all our story another time I promise!) but with our static energy on Sunday we needed to get out of the dorm!

We rented a Zip Car to get over the annual Kentuck Art Festival. After finding the price to be higher than we wanted to spend on an afternoon stroll we found ourselves back in the car. With both of us thinking about the cute historical district of Northport AL, that we had passed earlier, we backtracked a little. Only to find all the stores to be closed, a southern Sunday tradition. Disappointed, we made a note to check it out again another weekend, on a Saturday! We then zipped to downtown Tuscaloosa AL, shortly after arriving we found ourselves in a similar situation as before.

But nothing makes me happier than yummy food and plenty of restaurants were open so we sipped in to Mellow Mushroom, a personal favorite. Laughing about our adventure we shared an order of the bruschetta and a small Kosmic Karma pizza. It was my first time trying their bruschetta and all I’m going to say is next time you go you have to get it! It was delicious!!

For our casual, fun afternoon out I wore a pair of my favorite Lucky Brand jeans, a loose pink long sleeved shirt from Victoria’s Secret and brown snakeskin Jack Rodger sandals. Although, all afternoon I was wishing I had slipped into my cowboy boots. I would wear my boots around everywhere if I could. They are more comfortable then slippers! This Fall I’m looking at riding boots but I’m really picky so until I find some I love I am happy with my cowboy boots!

I carried around my white Kate Spade tote because I didn’t know what all I would need, meaning I need to take my ‘ready for anything’ bag. But thinking about it now I could have gotten away with running around with the easy cross body style. Which if you didn’t see last week (I feel so blessed), I just got a new one and I still get giddy every time I think about it!

It felt great to get some fresh air yesterday!


P.S. I was taking pictures next to this… I could have died!!

Do you have a ready for anything bag??

Let Me Know!

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