I feel so blessed!

Last week I shared with my parents the same news I shared with y’all bout Kate Spades outlet sale. I had hoped that they would find something to stash away for a Christmas present. Christmas is only TEN weekends away! I honestly love Christmas time! But when I opened my package from home today I pulled out a new Kate Spade light brown “Sally” cross body bag! After I jumped around for a good two minutes I finished looking through my treasures.


I found a replacement blush that I was expecting, not fading my excitement any, because I was getting low. I have to say I am a Clinique girl! Mostly because that’s what my mom uses but I also really like their skin products, I use the mild bar soap to wash my face at night and the moisture surge lotion after. Not only am I Clinique girl I am a huge fan of blush in general. Some girls are never dressed until they have their lipstick on I on the other hand am never dressed until I have my blush on. The blush I most often use is a sunset glow, it has a nice bronzer touch to keep me feeling less pale when the later months come around and I lose my summer sun color.

I can’t help it that the tingle from sitting out in the sun brings a big smile to my face, even though skin cancer runs in my family… But I am careful, I always use sunscreen and before I burn I know to put on a hat and a shirt. When it gets closer to summertime I will talk more about this.


Another goody I got in my box was a red red red lipstick from Clinique. I am so excited to use this on Saturday for an Alabama game day! For the longest time I was afraid of using the bold lip colors but this fall I have pushed myself to try them out. One of my favorites is the trendy Plum/Wine color. I have a plum flush Maybelline lip stain that I add a light gloss on top of to complete the look!

It was an exciting day getting that package!




Comment and tell me how bold of a lip color do you wear!?

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