Blog: Fashion Influences from Film, Television and Music

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” ― Coco Chanel

A class I am taking this fall is a Freshman Learning Community focusing on Fashion in the Media. A Question we were asked to think about was “How do the Film, Television and Music industries influence the Fashion industry?” and after researching a little bit this is what i came up with!


In earlier decades the fashion of the time influenced the entertainment media greatly. But more recently the tables have turned and our Film, Television and Music industries have a direct influence over our fashion.



When the light blue and green color palate was trendy two years back with sea foam everything and can I say mint skinnies? It was attributed the release of the movie Avatar. Emerald accessories that have continued to show up in the fashion circuit started with Oz: The Great and The Powerful. The trendy long, flowing, neutral Maxi skirts saw a rise in popularity at the release of Les Miserable. A movie that show cased the working girl, bring excitement for ankle boots also.


Have I convinced you yet? What if I told you that Brooks Brothers came out with “The Great Gatsby: For Men”


According to Business Insiders article “Check out the new Brooks Brothers Collection Inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’ ” written by Megan Willett on April 17th 2013. Catherine Martin said “Brooks Brothers is mentioned several times in Fitzgerald’s writing as a representation of the ultimate gentleman’s purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of distinction.”


Another great example of a brand embracing the influence of films is with H&M’s collection of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This collection had leather jackets, combat boots, and dark hoodies. This collection is for the edgy girl.



Shows like Friends and Sex and the City that are huge successes have also been known for being fashion influences. Many hair salons got an over whelming number of women who came in wanting “The Rachel” Hair cut from the show Friends.


Sex and the City had the iconic styles Carrie Bradshaw. Her style was the most anticipated part of the show, always becoming more and more elaborate and luxurious. In an early show Carry wore a name necklace, which became popular very quickly. But the necklaces also went out quickly also.


Gossip girl also influenced fashion by boosting the popularity of the preppy, school uniform look. Also Blair Waldorf started the infamous headband trend. Gossip Girl also inspired a collection from Romeo and Juliet Couture.


Another example is Ralph Laurens collection inspired by the show Downton Abby. According to Ralph Lauren Magazines article “Downton Style” written by Alison Baenen last year, the collection is said to be “equestrian chic.”



Music has influenced our fashion greatly with things like grunge sleeveless t-shirts from the bands AC/DC and Nirvana. Past influences like Deborah Harry a playboy bunny turn rock singer, in the band Blondie, layered denim a trend many are wearing now.


We also sawa rise in sparkle make up and slouch, messy party wear from artists like Ke$ha. We see stars with unique styles on magazine covers like Katy Perry and her vintage pinup look. Lady Gaga has brought back the 80s theatrical couture to the red carpets. Beyonce Knowles shows off her curves influencing the idea of “beauty” in the industry.

But a great example of the extremeness of the influence is from the 90s when Snoop Doggy Dog wore a Hilfiger Sweater on SNL, the next day the New York Store sold out, according to

Honestly the amount of influence these industries have on the fashion industry was a shocker to me! I never put it together so this point of view is very interesting to me. I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open and try to see if I can place where the roots of trends are coming from in the future!


Have you noticed this??

Let Me Know!

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