Its Feeling Like Fall!

Cold weather! It’s finally here!


Being a Florida girl I know winter in Alabama is going to be a life changer for me. I wanted to go north, but I knew I couldn’t go too far yet! When heading to school I could only bring so much clothing from my closet (and two dressers) with me. The car was totally full as it was so I’m freaking out about not having my fall layers to play with for our cool weather week!


Yesterday I went with the sporty warm look with leggings, a tank top and a zip up. The casual outfit felt great for my day filled with morning classes and an afternoon of studying at the library and in the dorm! Of course I had the essential cool weather accessory… Coffee!

But I will be breaking out the sweaters and jeans while I can. Some of the fall looks that I can’t wait to wear are the over sized knitted sweaters/ scarves and the pink coats! I love coats and I love pink! I’m looking for one of my own. Probably not this one, its Kate Spade and a little out of my price range… #collegegirl


Sorry it’s been so long! Stay warm!




Do you think the pink coats are too much?

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