Five this to do this weekend: September 25, 2013

  1. Put together an inspiration board! If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for!? If you already have a board then take inventory, maybe its time to add something or start fresh. I like to organize mine in groups. I put quotes that make my smile together, accessories I adore together, woman that I envy together, looks that call to me together, and artwork that bring beauty to my life… together! 
  2. Write a note to some one who is special to you! Snail mail is decreasing at an alarming rate so we need to do what we can. Plus there is nothing better than getting a note hand written for you. Quoting my aunt “I hope you can feel the love in this note! 
  3. Take the time to get lost in a book. I love reading but sadly when the school year gets busy I push reading to the side. This semester I have willed myself to make sure reading for joy is in my schedule! It truly is an amazing relaxer especially before crawling under the covers for the night!
  4. Try making frozen Yogurt drops! I saw this on Pinterest as a snack for toddlers but it looks yummy and a fun snack for all ages!
  5. Go for a stroll! With Monday through Friday being over whelming and fast paced take time to just go for a walk. If during the week you run for exercise, take the same route but knock it down a notch to really take in your surroundings. -OR- If you are like me and you are not in the “voluntary running club” go to the park or around campus (for us college folks) and get some fresh air!


How do you organize your inspiration board?

Let Me Know!

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