Kate Spade is treating with a Surprise Sale!

75% off online! Ends September 19th at 11:59

I have to say I am obsessed with Kate Spade! I know that every time I see a picture of the new beau bag I throw a temper tantrum in my head. I was very generously given a gold bow bracelet from my boyfriend at the time for Christmas and then a matching gold bow ring later. This summer I got my first Kate Spade purse and I got it for a steal! It was at the outlet mall near my home and it was Memorial Day weekend, so can I say amazing sales! Kate Spade Sale!

These two totes are must have on campus! They are cute and easy to use. You can just slip in the books you need for a short day of classes. Or if you are like me and are always carrying anything you could ever need for fear you will need it a tote is a great way to bring everything to run around with.

I drool over almost anything of hers! Right now I‘m loving a pair of her summer poke a dot wedges and another pair of mint and gold heels. My Pinterest board is flooded with Kate Spade… My Pinterest board: My Style

My dream wardrobe would have a heavy amount of Kate Spade labels! I don’t have it yet but one day it will happen!


What is your dream Kate Spade item?

Let Me Know!

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