My View: “Sleep Naked”

Sleep Naked!  Empowering young women!

Swisspers’ “Sleep Naked” challenge is to promote fresh and healthy skin. The best way to do this, we all know, is to make sure we remove all of out make up at night and get a good nights rest!

 Why you should sleep naked.

Last years Winner is one of my favorite bloggers, J from “J’s Everyday Fashion”.

This year it is between Emily Maynard from the Bachelorette and Danielle Jonas a reality star. It’s a battle between the blonds and the brunettes!

These two are pledging to “Sleep Naked” and on the 19th the contestant with the greatest amount of pledges supporting her will have a donation awarded to her charity of choice.

Emily’s Charity of choice is: Mocha Club

Dani’s Charity of choice is: Change For The Children Foundation

So hurry up and pledge!! There’s a chance of giveaways!!

Go here to vote!

Also remember September 19th the join the Twitter party! Just #SleepNaked and your beauty questions and either Emily or Dani will answer the questions in a live chat! 8:30-10:30 p.m. ET

Ill share with y’all my make up removing process!

– Im a night showering person so I start with a washcloth and gently wipe off the face make up.

– When I get to the eyes I don’t wipe I only blot the mascara off! (Wiping and rubbing your eyes pulls out eyelashes and thats never good!!!)

– I then use a soft round cotton pad with Clinique Make up remover  and some water to do the rest!


 Tell me your favorite make up remover!

Let Me Know!

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