Five things to do this weekend: September 13, 2013

1. Try a fall make up trend! They are bold but worth a shot! Orange eyes, prune eyes, full out glitter, wine colored lips, gray washes on eyelids… Pick one or find another!

2.  Pull something from the back of your closet it bottom of your drawer and find a cute new was to wear it! we all have that one old favorite that got stuffed away so pull it out again!

3. Hold on to the warmth by eating a summery salad! My favorite summer salad is a mixed greens strawberry salad with walnuts, goat cheese and light raspberry vinaigrette. Yummy!!

4. Do some stretching and thinking! This is the best way for me to clear my mind and feel like I can accomplish anything!


5. Try a homemade beauty tip! Facial mask or a homemade lip gloss Jeannie Mai can show you how to make organic lip gloss!


Would you want to try any of these things this weekend??

Let Me Know!

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