My View: Eyes Wide Open

Last week I made a very big decision that affects not only my college experience but also for beyond my schooling. It seems like a silly one to some folks but I know it will forever be apart of who I am. I decided to de-pledge from the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. A lot of thoughts and tears were put in to this choice but in the end I’m going with my gut!

Going through the rush process was as my Rho Chi phrased it “The best week of your life you never want to do again!” I think the “best week of my life” may be exaggerated but it is an experience I will never forget! After trying to stay put together while running from house to be welcomed by cheers. I was surprised how I was pulled into overwhelmingly filled rooms to attempt a conversation, through the loud high pitched chatter, with a seemingly flawless girl and having to smiling the whole way through. I know I will never regret the effort I put into it rush and the time I spent as a new member!

I have always been an old sole making me feel strange when talking to many girls my age. Coming into my freshman year of college I had the dream of coming to Alabama, being in a sorority, finding Mr. Right in a fraternity and living happily ever after! I still believe my life will be perfect because as long as I’m happy it is perfect. (And I will find Mr. Right some day he just can be involved with most anything!) The past month of being apart of the Greek community on campus has felt like a heavy weight to be carried around. I enjoyed many girls in the different pledge classes but had a constant worry of time commitments and conflicts. (I’m just a worrier!) Now that the decision is final it feels as if the burden has been lifted off my shoulders!

Don’t get me wrong if the Greek life is for you then enjoy every minute of it!  The Greek system is an amazing community that does a lot for our society, who have given many young men and women a place to call home and alumni to call their family. I just wish I could have felt that magic.

Now I am sitting here with my eyes wide open, eagerly working to form my new life!


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