Finding a Quite Place

Yesterday August 21, 2013 was my first day of college classes. As I dealt with a rough start to my morning, and a short fall in my emotional stability I used the afternoon as a breath of fresh air. I went to the campus bookstore and on a search for our campus “get on board day”. This event was to give students a chance to see the opportunities within clubs and organizations that await them. I’m not sure if I found the event but I found a much needed quite place.

The quiet place I found was a small artgallery put together by two recent University of Alabama graduates. “When pondering a theme, both artists thought that a show that in some ways reflected their real life transitions would be appropriate.” (Artists’ statement posted) These girls had unintentionally given me the strength to smileand remember all I had learned in my past year about-facing fears.

In the past year I took my only art class of my high school career, AP photography, a class that taught me a lot more than just about compositions and artistes. The class put me in a room with an amazing and eclectic group of people. As I spent the year trying to understand their worlds, and asked to consider my own I have become comfortable with my thoughts and choices. Coming to school and feeling “alone” I’m excited to see what is ahead of me.


The piece of artwork that I loved the most was the piece titled “synthesis”. The rich dark colors remind me of home where I feel deep connections, but also understand the ever-changing statues of life. (image bottom right)

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